Differentiated, research driven power market investing

Dichotomy Capital is a power market focused investment manager that utilizes intensive research to find attractive opportunities in the public and private markets. The electricity grid is rapidly transforming and the ability to successfully invest in this sustainable transformation requires a singular focus on the power markets.

Sustainable Investing

We have public and private investment arms. The flexibility allows
Dichotomy to opportunistically capitalize on dislocations

nuclear plant

Public Markets

Dichotomy utilizes a bottoms-up value-based approach to picking securities in the power markets

gas turbine

Private Markets

Dichotomy looks to purchase renewable projects with attractive cash flow profiles

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Deep Expertise

The information received from the public and private arms provide more actionable investment decisions


We are a power market focused, research-driven investment firm capitalizing on the renewable revolution

Dichotomy utilizes deep fundamental research focused on the power markets to guide investments in public and private investment vehicles. The public vehicle looks for dislocations in publicly traded securities, opportunistically investing in the renewable revolution. The private vehicle owns and operates renewable assets, primarily in the hydroelectric sector.

Company was founded
Owned and Operated hydroelectric facilities

Highlighted Research and Investments

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Vistra has been a longer-term hold for Dichotomy thanks to a previous ownership of Dynergy. Vistra provides reliable, and flexible, baseload power to the grid, while enjoying a low debt ratio. Deep regulatory and asset analysis went into the Vistra investment.

energy windmill solar

Pinnacle Renewables

Pinnacle Renewables is a wood pellet manufacturer that was hit with bad news during 2019. Dichotomy’s research indicated that these issues were short-term in nature.

energy solar

Bloom Energy

Bloom represented one of Dichotomy’s short positions in 2018 and 2019. Bloom represented an overvalued security after their IPO and research into the individual markets and technologies led Dichotomy to short the name

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